1802. The North Atlantic coast of France punishes everyone, and everyone’s guilty of something. Master Mariner and longtime widower Louis Bedard begrudges God, Napoleon and the Coast Guard. After cholera kills a third of his town, including the last healer, he resolves to hire a live-in doctor – a modern one from Paris – but none will commit for less than a year’s advance salary. In defiance of Napoleon, Bedard and a secret partner devise an alias and a smuggling plan.

Their cache grows but Bedard’s hopes for happiness fizzle: his beloved only daughter rejects yet another suitor and the matchmaker threatens to return Bedard’s fee. His troubles escalate when he’s betrayed. Coast Guard Lieutenant LaMotte jails him, Bedard’s daughter disowns him, and his secret partner threatens to turn state’s evidence. Bedard faces a life sentence unless he can entice LaMotte to drop the charges, but this arrest has promoted the ambitious LaMotte to Captain. Bedard thinks his life can get no worse, until the prison gossip reports that LaMotte has recently fallen hard for a local girl.

Based on a historical novel by Jan Mulligan.

For agents and producers, our latest screenplay “Smuggler’s Legacy” is available upon request.


Jacqueline Tucker Mulligan

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