“EVER VICTORIOUS” is the story of an idealistic military leader hailed as a genius for his ability to get the best from his soldiers and to artfully work with many of the most powerful international military and political leaders of his era. Through the many glorious public successes and debilitating sad private moments, Sun Li-jen is a leader who would not bow to adversity. The film celebrates the triumph of the human spirit under the harshest of circumstances.

The historical fiction screenplay takes place during the turbulent times of the Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945), the Chinese Civil War (1947–1948), and the Cold War that follows (1950–1990). It tells the story of General Sun Li-jen, arguably the most accomplished and famous Chinese military general of his time. He was described as “Rommel of the East” by the Allies for his daring leadership and his remarkable battlefield strategies. He was knighted by King George VI and awarded the Legion of Merit by President Franklin Roosevelt. Not as well-known in the Western history books as other famous military leaders of the time, although his actions and career are detailed in hundreds of TOP SECRET U.S. State Department memorandums, his life provides a compelling narrative for a new audience not as familiar with Eastern countries and cultures during the second half of the Twentieth Century. “Ever Victorious” is a story of bravery, military battles lost and won, political intrigue, treachery, and final redemption, all played out on an international stage.

For agents and producers, our latest screenplay “Ever Victorious” is available upon request.


Jacqueline Tucker Mulligan

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