Aiyana is holding her two young children’s’ hands as they walk across the sand to the water’s edge on a bright morning. Both kids dive into an oncoming wave and frolic in the warm water. Suddenly, all three get sucked under the water by a strong riptide. Seemly out of nowhere, Zatara races down the beach to save the family, but only two return to the North Carolina beach. Yet, through Zatara’s courageous actions that day, all four survive. So begins a journey through space-time where a daughter and her mother reconnect from a distant past.

From an early age, Zatara knew she was brighter than her peers at school, even for a school in the Virgo Cluster Demesne. But to keep her skills from detection, she is able to alter her answers on the standard tests to appear normal. Until a new test is introduced which reveal her real genius to her instructors. Because of the unique power of her blooming intellect, she is assigned the task to determine its source. To the horror of the school’s administrators, the source appears to be on a planet in the Milky Way galaxy, Earth. Zatara is chartered to travel to Earth and research the source of her genius, forcing her to come face to face with a mother she has never known but is the source of her ability.

Shortly after arriving at her destination, she finds herself drawn to a man, Aron, in an unexpected way she does not understand and which causes her to question everything she’s been taught. Even more startling, she realizes what she’s feeling for him might be love, something her instructors told her she would be immune from on planet Earth.

The screenplay, Dissonance, is a science fiction thriller celebrating the strength and spirit of Zatara as she pits her wits and wiles against the universe’s most technologically advanced and most powerful military force yet encountered by man – the Virgo Cluster Demesne.

Zatara learns that our ability to genetically engineer humans has outstripped our ability to understand its ethical implications. We can’t escape our humanity, even a genetically engineered person will ultimately seek meaning and connection.

Now she must decide whether to finish the job she was engineered to do or leave her genetics, her training and her security behind and open the door to something much messier, confusing and satisfying – her humanity. It will be a race to determine if mankind is to survive its explosive technological stage.

For agents and producers, our latest screenplay “Dissonance” is available upon request.


Jacqueline Tucker Mulligan

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