Historical Fiction
Smuggler's Legacy Book Cover

Smuggler’s Legacy: A Breton Sailor’s Adventure

1802 France. The ancient seafaring town of Concarneau endures Napoleon’s escalating taxes and cultural persecution. A cholera epidemic devastates the population and kills the only healer. Captain Louis Bedard, the best mariner in town, resolves to hire a doctor, but how can he amass the year’s advance salary necessary to attract such a man from Paris?

On the advice of a secret partner, Bedard adopts an alias and resorts to his best chance for quick money – smuggling. The stakes are high: Life in prison, or execution. Each month on the dark of the moon, he slips the wharf under the nose of his mortal enemy, the cruel and ambitious Coast Guard Lieutenant LaMotte, new to town and despised by all. Navigation is treacherous, but LaMotte is also skilled; most times Bedard and his crew barely evade capture.

A Square of Apples Book Cover

A Square of Apples: The Journey of Daniel Fischer

It is 1864. For the Kingdom of Bavaria, war looms; Ludwig II, the new king, shows a lack of interest in affairs of state, and apprehension escalates about encroaching military pressure from the Kingdom of Prussia and the Empire of Austria.

Meanwhile, outside the small town of Miesbach, Daniel Fischer is content to tend his family’s orchards. He hates cities and dreams of one day purchasing his own property and marrying Lizzie, secretly the love of his life. On the day that Daniel decides he’ll begin his courtship, he learns that Lizzie and Jacob, his older brother, have just become engaged. Worse, Jacob and Lizzie plan to open a shop. In America.

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