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Jan Tucker Mulligan lives in Pennsylvania with her family. She enjoys work, hiking, music, sailing and genealogy and is currently earning a graduate degree in Creative Writing at West Chester University.

Her first novel, “Smuggler’s Legacy: A Breton Sailor’s Adventure” was published in 2010. It is set on the Atlantic coast of 1802 France and pays fictional tribute to her grandmother’s ancestor, who struggled against perilous odds – both geographic and political – and prevailed.

Jan’s second historic fiction, “A Square of Apples: The Journey of Daniel Fischer” was inspired by one of her husband’s ancestors. The story takes place in Bavaria in the turbulent 1860’s and recounts the life of a battle-hardened veteran of the Bavarian Fusiliers who grudgingly travels to post-Civil War America in fulfillment of his family’s debt of honor. Upon arrival in Philadelphia he discovers that although he survived a war, his real challenges are just beginning.

Based on her first novel, Jan has written a script titled “Black Moon”.

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